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New: Free Personality & Career Assessments!

August 22, 2017

Understanding more about yourself is key to being successful in any situation. Whether you are job hunting or employed, how you approach situations will be influenced by your personality and preferences. Many times this influence is sub-conscious, we don't even realize we have that impulse or that preference or habit! 


When you are self-aware, however, you become more in control and purposeful in how you approach things. For example, if you know that you thrive when you work with others in a social environment, with few routines you can use that information, along with other details, to come up with a career plan in which you are likely to succeed and be happy.  Also, by being more aware of your unique strengths, you can let the employer know why you are better suited for the job over someone else with similar qualifications. These details can be shared in a cover letter or during an interview along with examples to support.


There are several types of free assessments that have been made available through our partners at Truity. To start, we recommend these three (click the link to take the assessment):

1. Personality TypeFinder Assessment - get to know your 4 letter Myers Briggs type and what it says about your personality

2. Career Assessment - good to get an idea of the careers persons with your personality, interests and strengths do well in

3. DISC Behaviour Inventory - This is a popular type of assessment that helps you understand yourself and how you relate to others in a workplace setting.


Invite your friends to take them as well and compare results!  



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